what you can do

Everyone can make a difference and it starts with YOU. There are lots of different ways to get involved in your local community and around globe. From simple acts to big projects, join this wonderful journey with us to help make the world a little bit sweeter. SHARE YOUR BEAUTY!

Share What You’ve Done


Do Our Charitable Act of the Month

This month’s charitable challenge is super easy: Do at least ONE charitable or kind act. Try to think outside the box and go beyond your normal kindness or charitable acts. Submit your story to us (if you have a picture, that’s even better!). Each month we pick a winner!


Be Kind

Being kind is totally FREE. Everyone can be kind (and they should be!). It may take some practice, so here’s some help: Make a list of kind things you can do; pick a person to share your kindness: it can be a friend, a neighbor, a teacher, your mom or sister; take action! Share your kind act; tell us about it! No kind act is too small, we want to hear your stories! Visit What You Have done to tell us.


How Can I Give Back?

There are lots of ways to get involved in your local community, state, nation and world. PREP is here to help you! Check out our list of 10 things you can do to make a difference. And don’t forget to check back with us as we post all kinds of different charitable acts you can get involved in. SHARE YOUR BEAUTY!!!

1. Host a food drive.
2. Collect coats before the winter months to give to your local homeless shelter.
3. Get a team of friends together to pick up trash at your school playground/park.
4. Volunteer at an animal shelter - they usually have 2 hour shifts (check minimum age before you go).
5. Make an elderly neighbor a treat - cookies, a pie, muffins and deliver to them on a cold winter day. You can mix it up during the summer and bring them a frozen smoothie or freshly squeezed, ice cold lemonade.
6. Make a feminine hygiene kit for Days For Girls! Details on the #shareyourbeauty page.
7. Recycle - it’s free, easy and takes the same amount of time as putting it in the trash can!
8. Donate your backpack at the end of the school year for less fortunate kids next school year.
9. Check with your library for opportunities to read to little kids. Ask the librarian if you can host story time.
10. Have a better idea? We’d love to hear it and post it! E-mail us at giveback@prepyourskin.com.