ashley hollis

Brand Cheerleader

Ashley Hollis graduated from Tarleton State University with a Bachelor of Science in Fashion Merchandising. She LOVES school and decided to keep going. She received her Masters degree in Agriculture and Consumer Sciences (Fashion & Interiors) from Tarleton State University in May 2015. Ashley was introduced to the PREP team at a photo shoot and fell in love with all things PREP! As soon as she graduated, she packed up and moved to Dallas to be part of the PREP team. She writes everything down in one of her 4 calendars that she keeps with her at all times!

Song that best describes me:
She’s like Texas- Josh Abbott Band
If I had a plane ticket to go anywhere in the world:
I have always wanted to travel to Brazil! I would be the one with a backpack, multiple cameras, and probably the walking definition of a tourist:)
I am really good at:
Staying organized. I have to write every little thing down
I Love:
Music. There is so much power in music and I love being able to relate to lyrics
2 Random Facts about me:
1) I love all things Fashion
2) My good mood no matter what song is Midnight City by M83
Best Advice:
Don’t follow the trends, keep to the classics and you'll always be in style- Dr.B (Fashion Professor)
My mom:
Has never let me down and will always be my Hero.