our commitment to skincare & to you

to skincare & to you"/>

Welcome to the PREP family!

We founded PREP Cosmetics to formulate products exclusively for girls to help maintain their good health, to educate girls on the importance of sun protection and to empower girls to make a real difference through charitable giving. PREP is committed to and stands for Powerful. Real. Everyday. Protection.


We believe in the power of girls. Our company seeks to educate and inspire girls every day in a healthy, age-appropriate, youthful, fun way. Our call to action is to take care of yourself, to be kind, and to give back to others in small and big ways. When inspired to do good, girls have the power to do amazing things. We want to empower girls to take control of their health, their bodies, and their lives and to use their talents, gifts, energy and power to help make their dreams come true while striving to make the world a little sweeter.


PREP speaks to girls of any color, any background, any interest, and any socioeconomic status who all share the universal language, a SMILE. Our tagline, “Share Your Beauty” inspires girls to celebrate and share their unique style. Beauty shines through each girl in her own way and our mission is to teach every PREP girl how to share her beauty through a variety of lenses. We believe kindness, altruism and authenticity are the goals the world should be encouraging rather than an unobtainable ideal of perfection.


Show your inner and outer beauty EVERY DAY by taking care of you ~ your skin, your mind, your overall health. We use simple, trusted ingredients in each of our products that are safe for all skin types and can be used daily. Each product undergoes stringent microbiology, preservative, skin and eye irritant testing. All SPF products undergo the same testing as well as additional tests which adhere to the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines.


PREP is an advocate for consistent sun protection as the sun does not discriminate. Daily use of sunscreen protects your skin and helps to prevent skin cancer. It is never too late to start wearing sunscreen, and the younger you start the better! Protect yourself and PREP YOUR SKIN every day for a lifetime of beautiful, healthy skin.

Our mission is to help educate each and every PREP girl on the best way to care for herself and her skin today, tomorrow and for years to come. After all, skin is her body’s largest organ, her birthday suit, the one outfit she can never take off. She needs to take care of it now as the beauty regimen she has (or doesn’t have) NOW will be visible on her skin for the rest of her life.

We are so excited that you have decided to embark on this journey with us. We promise to always deliver the highest quality skincare products, fun and educational tips and plenty of inspiration and motivation to be the best YOU which will ultimately make our world a little brighter.

Share YOUR Beauty!

carole aponte, md

Founder & Chief Medical Officer

kelly barker

Founder & Chief Empowerment Officer