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PREP’s expert skincare team answers your questions.

When should my daughter (or son!) start using a face wash/cleanser?
Dr Carole recommends that girls start using a a face cleanser around age 8. Depending on the girl and where she is in her puberty cycle, you may choose to start earlier or later (7-9). At this age, we recommend having her wash her face every other night (and also on nights that she gets super sweaty!) with our gentle Purifying Face Cleanser until her skin gets used to the face cleanser. NOTE: For girls that have very dry skin or eczema, we also recommend using our Night Moisturizer to help with any dryness.
How natural are your products?
We use the best ingredients and strive to have as many natural ingredients as possible (let’s be real, no beauty product is 100% natural unless they picked every ingredient off a tree or dug it up from the earth!). All of our products are clinically tested, allergy tested, dermatologist tested and human tested. We test all of the products on our own families too. Our products are sulfate free, phthalate free, paraben free, mineral oil free, oxybenzone free and cruelty free. We never test on animals; we only test on humans.
I’m not sure whether I should get the starter kit or the zit kit. Which kit should I buy?
If your daughter has never had a breakout, blackheads, or consistent acne, then the Starter Kit is the best choice. If your daughter is just starting to have blackheads and/or breakouts, the Zit Kit may be the best choice. We find that girls who have are just starting to get blackheads or pimples prefer the zit kit in case there is a flare up! If you aren’t sure, start with the Starter Kit and see if consistent washing with the cleanser and the use of the daily moisturizer clears up her skin.
What causes acne?
Most people think acne is just caused by dirt and oil, but the main culprit is hormones! Acne is the #1 skin condition in the United States, and 90% of teens will get it. Check out this blog post to read all about how to get rid of acne! You can also read our Acne Guide which talks about acne, teaches girls how to use PREP products to prevent and treat it, and gives girls a morning and evening routine based on their skin type. A print version of the Acne Guide is included in the Zit Kit and will be shipped to you when you purchase either a Zit Kit or even just PREP’s Acne Treatment.
When can my daughter (or son!) start using the PREP acne treatment?
She can start as soon as the first signs of acne begin to appear (blackheads, pimples, etc.). Dr. Carole and our chemists formulated the PREP Acne Treatment for young skin and loaded it with essential oils to make it gentle and hydrating on the skin.
How does the PREP Acne Treatment work?
We use a combination of salicylic acid, which is a proven acne medication, and essential oils to combat and prevent acne. The PREP Acne Treatment is a clear leave on treatment, so it works overnight and throughout the day to get down into the pores. A little bit goes a long way, and the tube is designed to last 30 days if using every day and all over the face. You can also use the treatment as a spot treatment if you just have a few pimples or blackheads (hey moms…this is great for you to dab on when you get a rare flare up!). If you’re using the Acne Treatment more as a spot treatment rather than an all over the face treatment, the tube will last longer (around 3-4 months).
My daughter (or son!) has these little white bumps on her face. What are they?
Don’t worry! These little white bumps are not acne. They are actually known as Keratosis Pilaris (also called KP). This is very common in children and teens, and lots of kids tend to have it on the back of their arms and their cheeks. Sometimes these bumps can be red and inflamed; our SPF 30 Daily Moisturizer with zinc oxide works really well to help the redness and minimize the bumps. Read more about it in this blog post that’s all about Keratosis Pilaris!
My daughter (or son!) has eczema. Are your products good for kids with eczema?
Yes! All of our products are clinically tested, allergy tested, dermatologist tested, and human tested. We test all of the products on our own families too! Our products are sulfate free, which is important, as sulfates are a known skin irritant and can cause eczema flare ups. We are also phthalate free, paraben free, mineral oil free, oxybenzone free and cruelty free.

Mom to Mom

Real moms give their insights based on their experiences.

How do I get my daughter to wash her face?!
Ugh, this was a battle at my house too. My daughter just wouldn’t listen to me, so I decided to take her to the PREP store and have the girls walk her through a basic skincare routine. They taught her how to properly wash her face, and they had such enthusiasm that I was just as excited too! My daughter left with her kit and couldn’t wait to start her own routine that very night. I think it helps because the information isn’t coming from “mom” – it’s coming from a cool, fun, trusted source in an age-appropriate way that she can understand.” ~Ann from Frisco, TX
When should I start a skincare routine?
Every girl and every family is different, but I started my daughter at age 9. She is an athlete (competitive cheer), and between the makeup they use and the sweat build up it was just time for her to start using a cleanser. I also never even thought about my daughter using sunscreen every day, and once PREP walked us through why daily sunscreen is so important, it was obvious I needed to get the Starter Kit so my daughter can have her own skincare routine.” ~Meghan from McKinney, TX
My daughter has sensitive skin, and she doesn’t like wearing sunscreen. Any tips on getting her to use sunscreen?
PREP’s sunscreen is the best!!! As a redhead, I was taught to wear sunscreen every day, year round (which you should be doing no matter what your skin type/tone!). I am also very sensitive and allergic to chemical sunscreens, so I was constantly looking for a better mineral sunscreen. The PREP sunscreen works perfectly, has a great texture and scent, goes on amazing, and there is no weird white residue… I can’t say enough good things. This lotion makes me look forward to putting on my sunscreen! I am finally done looking for the best sunscreen out there. Love!!” ~Avivah from Lexington, KY
How can I talk to my daughter about her acne in a positive way that doesn’t make her feel self-conscious?
Try using a positivity sandwich! Bread: Start out with a genuine compliment. Filling: Bring up the topic of acne and ways you and she can battle it together. Bread: Wrap the conversation up by telling her how proud you are of who she is and how much you believe in her!” ~ Sierra from Houston, TX
What makes PREP’s sunscreen so great and different from the others on the market?
There are so many reasons my family loves this sunscreen. First, it doesn’t burn their eyes (which is huge for my toddler and 6 year old)! Second, I love that it is natural and only contains zinc oxide… which actually blocks the sun instead of penetrating into the skin like a chemical sunscreen does. Third, a little bit really does go a long way! Their customer service department hand wrote me a note when they shipped the package, and it said ‘a little bit goes a long way’… and it’s true! We have the SPF 30 daily moisturizer (2 ounce), and it lasts me about 30 days (I wear under my makeup, on my neck and chest). We also have the 6 ounce sunscreen that we use at the pool and the beach, and the whole family uses it multiple days! Definitely worth the money for a safe, natural sunscreen that won’t burn your eyes, and it doesn’t run down your face when you sweat!” ~Joni from New York, NY
My daughter’s acne bothers me more than it bothers her. What should I do??
I was in the same dilemma, and didn’t know what to do! I know every daughter/mom relationship is different, so here are the different approaches I used (and finally one worked!): First, I casually chatted with her about skincare and starting a routine while we were driving in the car. There’s something about driving in the car that works for us. I told her how important it was to have a routine and to really get started now so she can combat some breakouts because it may get worse as she gets older. Sadly, she shut me down and didn’t want to discuss. Second, I told her about PREP and said how fun their Instagram feed was and that she should go follow (hey, whatever it takes, right??). She liked how bright and colorful the feed was, so she started following. We both like that PREP doesn’t just post about products but they also have fun lifestyle stuff too, so it’s not so pushy… but they also post tips about skincare! Then my daughter saw a post about their YouTube channel, and she started watching the videos. Before long, she became engaged in the brand. I bought her the kit along with body wash and wrapped it up and placed it on the bed for her as a surprise when she came home from school. FINALLY, she was excited to start her own routine! She loved that there was a handwritten note from PREP and that the acne guide walked her through when to use the products. She has already seen results in less than 2 weeks and is beyond thrilled (and so am I!).” ~Joni from Chicago, IL

Skincare Tips

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