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Acne Challenge

Take Our Acne Challenge

Be part of the PREP brand and take the challenge with us! The challenge is super easy and you’ll be rewarded with FREE gifts at the end. Each week we will send you an email with lots of encouragement, friendly reminders to snap your selfie, and skincare tips to help you along the way. See below for the details on this fun challenge.

You’ll need to purchase the ZIT KIT to get started. Please read all of the steps and review the completion form before you get started! Use the coupon “ACNECHALLENGE” to get 10% of your first ZIT KIT!

Before you start using your ZIT KIT, you’ll need to take a selfie without makeup. This is your “before” picture. Please take your picture in front of a white or gray background or wall with no distracting items in the background. For best lighting, shoot your picture by a window that has natural light. BONUS gift if you shoot a video telling us how you feel about your skin and why you are taking the acne challenge!

Each week, you’ll take a selfie in the same place as your “before” picture and around the same time of day so the lighting is consistent. Not to worry as we will send you friendly reminders.

On the 6th week, you’ll take 2 “after” pictures. One picture will be without makeup and if you normally wear makeup, take another selfie with makeup.

Now that you’ve finished the challenge, click on the “I’M FINISHED” button below where you can upload pictures and video. BONUS gift if you shoot a video telling us about your acne challenge experience, how the simple 2-step ZIT KIT worked for you and how you feel about your skin now!

You’re done! You will receive your FREE gift within 30 days.

Take the Challenge

I Finished The Challenge!

Are you ready to take the Acne Challenge? Make sure you have read the rules before starting!

(why do we want this information? - We want to send you a birthday
treat so be sure and fill in the correct year!)

Congratulations on finishing the challenge! Contact us if you have any issues sharing your results!

(why do we want this information? - We want to send you a birthday
treat so be sure and fill in the correct year!)

PREP’s daily cleanserPREP's SPF 30 daily moisturizerPREP’s acne treatmentPREP's night moisturizerPREP's body wash (for chest/back acne)Other

PREP gave me the guide and tools on how to use each productPREP helped me become more educated about skincarePREP taught me that wearing a daily sunscreen is really importantPREP's website answers most of the questions I had about skincarePREP's website gives good information on each of the products and how to use each one


We’d love to hear your testimonial so we can share it with other girls! If you can make a quick video telling us what you loved most about your experience, the products and how you feel in your new, healthy skin, we would really appreciate it. If you can’t make a video, feel free to write your testimonial below.