Showerless Body Wipes

Hey there! Did you shower today?

The coronavirus has us living a bit differently these days and sometimes we fail to take a shower. But don't worry, we've got your back....and all the other places on your body. Introducing our
Showerless Body Wipes


PREP's Showerless Body Wipes are your new BFF.


What dry shampoo is for your hair, our body wipes are for your body. No water needed - just open the individually wrapped wipe (it's about the size of an 8.5 x 11" piece of paper!) and use it just like a wash cloth anywhere and everywhere, head to toe. Safe for use on all your body parts.  :-) 

The body cleansing wipes come individually wrapped in a box of 10,  so you can throw a few in your bathroom drawer, purse, car, (and normally we would say gym bag, lunch box, backpack, diaper bag, office drawer - but none of us are leaving our house these days!). Freshen up with these body wipes in the morning, throughout the day, after homeschool class or before your zoom happy hour.


Yep, that's right. No shower needed. Body wipes are the latest trend hitting the mass market. What used to be geared toward camping stores like REI and Cabela's, showerless body wipes are now making their way to grocery stores chains like Kroger and retailers like Target. The cleansing wipes are convenient, easy to use and helps save the planet by eliminating the use of gallons of water during each shower. Did you know the average person in the US consumes 17 gallons of water each time they shower? Just think about all the water we can safe by using showerless body wipes! 

Great for a post workout - especially for all you tennis and golf players. We had a tennis player reach out and tell us how much she loves these wipes and how happy she is that the body wipes are individually wrapped so she can throw a few in her tennis bag. She threw some in her husband's golf bag too. 

Here's the scoop on each scent:

Fresh Powder Body Wipes - these are our lightest scent. It is actually the same scent as our honey oatmeal body wash, just a little less powerful. If you like our honey oatmeal scent in our body lotion, body scrub or body wash, then you'll want this cleansing wipe!

Ultra Clean - this is the perfect body cleansing wipe for men and women. The scent is the same as our mint + eucalyptus, so it's refreshing and clean. Great for post workouts, after dance class, and for your underarms. :-) 

Lavender Bloom - this one is a lovely scented body wipe. It is the same scent as our lavender vanilla, but in a lighter weight. This wipe is perfect before happy hour, date night, or anytime you need to freshen up without showering. 


We aren't saying to replace ALL of your showers with our awesome body wipes. We are just saying on days that you're short on time or that you just aren't feeling like taking a shower and wasting away all that water, go ahead and use our body wipe from head to toe. You'll smell great and you'll feel fresh and ready to go. 



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