Kroger x PREP Mother's Day Gifts

We are excited to announce our bath and body collaboration with Kroger and their Fred Meyer, King Soopers, Frys, Ralphs and QFC stores! It's a great Mother's Day gift program to help moms across the nation relax and recharge. You can pickup our full line of body washes, body lotions, body scrubs and bath soaks in your local store or on our shop page. Check out the fun Mother's Day display below as well as the full bath and body product line. 





1. Our signature, best selling body wash is the perfect mothers day gift. Free of sulfates, parabens and phthalates, our body wash will leave your skin feeling fresh and soft. Great for all skin types! BONUS: You can use our body wash as a sulfate free shampoo or even as a bubble bath. And although we don't use sulfates (sulfates make products sudsy and bubbly), we've created our body wash formula to foam, sud, and bubble so you'll feel squeaky clean without the itchy or dry skin. 



2. Our limited Mother's Day bath soaks are divine. Help your mother relax with these thoughtful Mother's Day gifts! Moms often times need a reminder of how great of a job they are doing (especially during this COVD-19 quarantine!), so tell her with these mothers day bath soaks. And, these aren't just for moms on mothers day as they are for anyone who is taking on mom-like roles! They make such great gifts for teachers, sisters, aunts, grandmas, the nanny, and more! Treat your bestie by telling her how much she rocks as a mom. Go Super Mom! 


3. Our body scrub gets skin glowing! Treat your mom to this Mother's Day gift. Each body scrub smells delicious and these scrubs are fantastic to help slough off dead, flaky skin. Get ready for summer, the pool and eventually a post coronavirus much needed vacation! These are located with the other Mother's Day gifts on the top shelf at Kroger stores nationwide. Look for our Mother's Day floor stand in participating Kroger stores. 











4. These hydrating body lotions are rich and creamy, without leaving any greasy residue.  Help mom relax right before bedtime with our lavender vanilla lotion. All of our lotions are moisturizing and lightweight, so mom can reapply as needed throughout the day to freshen up skin. Our best seller is the honey + oatmeal lotion, as it has a warm, cozy scent that is light enough to wear all day. You'll likely be her favorite child this Mother's Day. 








We continue to believe in our mission of clean beauty, so all of our bath and body products are sulfate free, paraben free and phthalate free.

Find all of our Mother's Day gifts in participating Kroger stores nationwide. We'd love for you to snap a picture of yourself standing next to our Mother's Day stand! Tag us on IG or Facebook @prepyourskin. 

Enjoy and Happy Mother's Day to all you hard working mothers!



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