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PREP Your Skin is proud to be a woman owned business! We are also a women run business - YAY! You’ve likely seen our products in TargetTJ Maxx, Kroger, Wegmans, Fred Meyer and Stop and Shop, which may seem like we are a huge company, but we’re actually quite small (but mighty!). Today, we’re going to introduce you to the women behind PREP. 


Kelly is PREP’s fearless leader and owner. She is a jack of all trades and loves to have some good inspirational reminders hanging in the office at all times (like “Good Vibes Only,” “Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself” and “Do Good Work”). Kelly is a native Texan, which might explain her love for Mexican food. If she could, she would eat Tex-Mex daily. And, she’d love to eat mint chocolate chip ice cream alllll day, every day, but she is pretty disciplined. When Kelly is not living and breathing PREP (which is rare), she can be found helping the homeless and doing community service projects with her hubby and 2 kids. Kelly doesn’t drink any caffeine which might surprise people since she is full of energy. Kelly’s favorite PREP product is the Mint Eucalyptus Body Wash because the scent is refreshing and invigorating. And we’ll let you in on a little secret – it’s her husband’s favorite, too!  


Shilpi is our Research and Development Chemist. She is super smart and creates all of the formulations for our products based on your requests. Then as a team we collectively test (that’s the super fun part of our job!) and then Shilpi tweaks them as needed. Shilpi is from Toronto, Canada but now resides in Texas with her hubby and 2 children. She loves powerhouse vocals which explains why she loves the Phantom of the Opera, Madonna, Adele and Celine Dion. She also loves vegetarian Indian and Thai food and has been known to get rowdy watching tennis matches with Serena Williams and Rafael Nadel.


Iwona has been in graphic design for over 15 years and oversees all of PREP's branding. An immigrant from Poland, Iwona came to the states when she was 21 years old. Before she joined PREP, she worked for the Seattle Symphony for eight years, overseeing all creative and art direction. Iwona has a keen eye for clean lines and pops of color. She is a minimalist in both design and in her own home, which tends to make us jealous from time to time. She’s the mom to a set of twins which keeps her and her hubby running every single day of the week! She and her family love all things outdoors and they especially love camping in their VW Camper Van.


Pilar has been in the personal care industry for over 20 years working in regulatory affairs. She is blilingual, fluent in both Spanish and English. She has a very unique Research & Development background, which allows her to strategize, streamline processes, overcome complex obstacles and support global market expansion while ensuring compliance with local and international regulations. Yeah, say that last sentence three times fast!!!! She’s uber smart and we’re so lucky to know her and work alongside her.    


Meet Lauren! Lauren is PREP’s Creative Lead + Graphic Designer, working alongside Iwona on everything from packaging details to photo shoots to social campaigns to anything else that is creative and/or visual!  Lauren is a first generation American, and she is so thankful for her grandmother, who immigrated from Indonesia and overcame adversities to become an American citizen, and to give her family a better life. When she’s in her creative zone, you’ll find Lauren jamming out to Eminem or Twenty One Pilots. When she's home, Lauren is busy chasing around her 3 cats, 1 dog, 1 green anole lizard and her 3 soon-to-be step kids. Lauren is getting married in just a few short months (yay!), which may be the reason why she is currently obsessed with the TV show 90 Day Fiancé. Lauren’s favorite PREP product is the exfoliating Mint Eucalyptus Body Scrub.


Jill is what we refer to affectionately as our Digital Diva (although she’s anything but a diva) and has her hands in all things writing – from blogs, to ads, to product descriptions, etc. Jill was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri (Go Cardinals) but now lives in Texas with her hubby and 2 daughters. Jill is a clean eating fanatic and tries to get in some sort of yoga or Peloton class daily but kids, work and sleep sometime get in the way of that.  When not at work, Jill can be found shuttling her girls to and from dance, wiping off the paws of their Goldendoodle puppy, cooking some sort of gluten free/egg free meal (hello kids with food allergies) or leading her daughters and their friends in some sort of community service project. Jill’s favorite PREP products are the bath soaks because they force her to relax. 


Regina is our amazing Chaos Coordinator, taking care of all of us in the office. But her real role at PREP is all things inventory, shipping and logistics, where she oversees the movement of all components, boxes and final goods from one place to another place. Regina was born in England (she’s an Air Force brat) and she was raised in Pennsylvania. Fortunately, she found her way to Texas and after working for Trader Joe’s distribution center for years, she found her way to PREP! Regina is the mom extraordinaire to 5 kids and 1 adorable new grand baby girl. She loves animals as evidenced by her cats and one sweet dog. She has been known to try to convince the PREP office that we need an office pet (a reptile at that. Um… no thank you). In Regina’s spare time, she loves to watch The Good Doctor and rock out to Prince. Regina’s favorite PREP Your Skin product is anything Oatmeal Honey.


Debbie is our Chief of Staff. She is head of recruitment, she's the office sounding board and she oversees our special projects, which are opportunities that are outside of our day to day operations. She is currently working on our international distribution plan! Debbie and her family love being outdoors so they look for any excuse to go hiking, snowshoeing and skiing.  She loves her some Blake Shelton, especially his song “I’ll Name the Dogs” (maybe that’s because Debbie has 2 sweet labs). Her favorite music memory is seeing Michael Jackson in concert in the 80’s.  Debbie’s favorite PREP products are the bath soaks because they are so soothing after a long day. She also loves them because they soften her daughter’s dry skin and are the perfect complement to the Honey Oatmeal Body Wash and Lotion.  


We hope you enjoyed learning more about us! We'd love to learn more about YOU! Comment below or email us at to tell us all about your favorite things. We'd love for you to join us on Instagram and Facebook @prepyourskin!


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    Congrats Kelly! Love how everything has evolved. Since I am back in Atlanta I will check in target for some of the products. This will be a great surprise for Gabrielle.🥰

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