Fun Gifts for Your Valentine

We know 2020 just started, but boy does it feel like it’s already flying by. How are we already talking about Valentine’s Day? This is crazy.

    Sometimes it seems like time creeps up on you, and it’s hard to get ahead when it comes to buying gifts for the smaller holidays – like Valentine’s Day or even birthdays. So have no fear - the PREP Your Skin girls are here!! Here are our favorite gifts to spoil our loved ones.


    For Your Daughter or Niece:

    Mainstream: PREP Your Skin Lavender Vanilla Body Lotion is a great little way to spoil your daughter or niece. It smells delish and will leave them with oh soft skin. Girls of all ages always love getting pampered. And if they’re anything like our girls, it will make them feel a little fancier, which will give them a confidence boost. Most girls today need all the confidence they can get

    Silly: We are obsessing over these llama slippers. Could they be any cuter??? The sweet girls in your life definitely needs these on their feet come Valentine’s Day morning.

    Sentimental: This red plush heart is definitely cute. But what makes it even better is that you can actually record a message in it. How cool is that? When you squeeze the heart, the recording plays. We can be a little sentimental at PREP Your Skin, and we think this would make the most treasured keepsake for years to come. 



    Mainstream: We’re pretty sure teachers need some extra loving all year long. And with all the germs going around schools, we know they wash their hands as much as possible. The PREP Your Skin Hand Lotion may just be the answer to their little prayers. Because when you wash your hands as much as teachers do, their hands are sure to be dry. Our rich and creamy hand lotion comes in Oatmeal Honey and Peppermint Swirl.

    Silly: This saying cracks us up every dang time we see it. It’s perfect for the teacher in your life. If you aren’t sure on your teachers’ t-shirt size, we also found it on a mug.

    Sentimental: Teachers’ lives are hectic and busy. We love nothing more when we come home from a day at the office and don’t have to cook dinner. We know teachers would love that too. Spoil them for Valentine’s Day and pick up a heart shaped pizza from Papa Murphy’s. (Papa Murphy’s make them special on Valentine’s Day.) Drop it off to them at the end of the school day, and all they have to do when they get home is bake it. You could even add a bagged salad and some cookies from the bakery, and voila – what an awesome gift! Can someone please do that for us too?


    Your Mom or Sister or BFF:

    Mainstream: If your moms, sisters and BFFs are anything like ours, then they always are in need of some relaxation and pampering. These PREP Your Skin products are perfect for that.

    For Mom these Neroli Bergamot bath soaks will be a perfect escape for some well-deserved me time. There are 2 other scents to choose from, Rosemary Mint and Lavender Eucalyptus.

    For your sis and BFF the PREP Your Skin body washes are something else! One of our favorite things about them is that you get a twofer with them. They can be used as a body wash AND a bubble bath. How about that??? They come in Peppermint Eucalyptus, Oatmeal Honey and Lavender Vanilla.

     Silly: How cool are these personalized magnets? Give your mom, sister and BFF a magnet with a drawing of your face on it. Just what everyone needs, right? That means you’re always sticking with them even when you’re not physically there (pun intended). 

    Sentimental: Bryan Anthony has some of the best necklaces when it comes to gifts with meaning. We love giving and receiving these necklaces because they each have a sentimental description about what the necklace means and the type of person it is for. We love this Soul Sister necklace because to us, it’s the true meaning of a sister, and it’s like a grown up version of a best friend’s necklace. There is even a Mom one as well as tons of others if these 2 don’t strike your fancy. 



    MainstreamYou can never go wrong with a t-shirt, and who doesn’t love a theme??? Target hits it out of the park once again with some adorable Valentine’s tshirts for kids of all ages. Seriously, they’re so cute! And realistically, a lot of them can be worn year-round regardless of if it’s Valentine’s Day or not.

    Silly: Who doesn’t love a good Mad Libs? These Valentine themed Mad Libs will be sure to bring some giggles to the Valentine’s Day dinner table. Mad Libs are also a great way to encourage your kids to work on different parts of speech without them even realizing their doing it. We call that a parenting win!

    Sentimental: We’ve always thought this was such a neat idea. Buy a blank journal/notebook. Then on each page, write something that you love about your child. This is something that they will treasure forever, and it’s a perfect thing for them to look at when they’re having a bad day and need some encouragement.


    For Your Son or Nephew:

    Mainstream: Who doesn’t love building Lego’s?? And, what boy doesn’t love fast cars? This is like a match made in heaven. This Ferrari Lego set will for sure add some excitement to the lucky recipient’s Valentine’s Day.

    Silly: Boys get cold feet too! We love these bright green monster slippers that look like they have a face that only a mother could love. They’re fun and spunky; and will definitely bring a smile and giggle to the little man in your life.

     Sentimental: As much as we love that recordable plush heart, we totally get that it’s not something that most boys want in their room. But they would love the sweet recorded message. Even if they’re too cool to tell you or act like it. We think this recordable cassette tape greeting card is awesome. You record your message and then the message plays when the card opens. This is something that can easily be tucked away so their friends never have to see it.


    Younger Child:

    Mainstream: Just like you can never have too many t-shirts, we’re pretty sure you can never have too many books. We love the If You Give a Mouse a Cookie books so our households were pretty stoked when we came across this book for Valentine’s Day.

    Silly: Coloring is so good for the soul, even for young kids. How fun are these heart stacking crayons by Ooly. They’re little so they’re perfect for little hands. Just think of all the art projects they’re going to make for you with these lovable crayons.

    Sentimental: The PREP Your Skin kids love this recordable book. You can record your voice, your husbands, grandparents, you name it. The sky is the limit. We love that you can save these books and pass them down generations.


    The Special Man in Your Life:

    Mainstream: We love how a man looks when he’s all dressed up. These ties add just the right element of fun without being too out there. The best part is that he’ll think of you every time he wears it. Our faves are the arrow tie and these subtle hearts.

     Silly: How fun are these Custom Face Boxers that you can have made with a picture of your face, your kids, your dog or your cat?? We think they are hysterical and can imagine all the laughter filling the air. 

    If boxers aren’t quite your man’s cup of tea, what about these socks? Just like with the boxers, you can put a picture of anyone’s face on them or even use a picture of your favorite four legged friend.

    Sentimental: We don’t know about you, but at our houses, we feel like we have so much stuff. Like it’s never ending stuff. Some of our favorite gifts to give our hubbies and partners is a planned date night. We get tickets to a favorite band or a play coming to town, or even make a reservation at some place simple like a bowling alley or even hatchet throwing. It doesn’t have to be fancy, just something that gets us both away from our regular crazy so we can focus on good ole’ fashion quality time with just the two of us. Another favorite is to make reservations at 3 of his favorite restaurants - one for appetizers, one for dinner and then dessert. Just make sure you tell him to come hungry 



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