43 Fun Activities To Do During Coronavirus Outbreak

Well friends, most of our team's kiddos are homebound, so I thought I would make an activity list of things to do during the coronavirus outbreak. Who knows how long we will all be stuck at home due to the coronavirus, but let's not let that stop us from learning and having some fun! Here is a list of 43 fun activities to do with your family during the coronavirus quarantine. I've also added in links that will direct you to recipes, articles, how to videos, and tools. Enjoy!

43 Activities To Do During the Coronavirus Quarantine

1. Make a time capsule. You don't have to bury it, but that might add another level of fun.

2. Play Monopoly. That will take at least 2 hours. 

3. Turn up the music and have a dance party. This will burn calories and burn off some of your kiddos' energy.  Spotify's ultimate kids dance party play list. 

4. Watch the Mandalorian on Disney+

5. Have a Chopped Family challenge in your kitchen.

6. Play Pokemon. Here are the rules.

7. Run with the dog in the backyard.

8. Read the Harry Potter Series. Here is the ebook series.

9. Fix your Gutters. This is a guy thing (it was the only activity my hubby added to this list!). But if you don't want to fix your gutters, then watch the legendary basketball movie, Hoosiers! It's family friendly. 

10. Pillow fight!

11. Roast Smores. 

12. Camp in your backyard. Here's a great article with extra ideas and activities. 

13. Workout! Do 3 sets per day - 20 pushups, 20 squats and 20 sit ups

14. Make homemade hot chocolate and sit by the fire (or the air conditioner if you live in Texas!).

15. Binge watch the High School Musical movie series. And if you want even more, then you can binge watch the High School Musical: The Musical: The Series. It's a lot, we know, but it's all on Disney+ 

16. Spring Clean the kids' closets. Get rid of all the clothes they've outgrown. This is a GREAT activity because the entire family will scatter and leave you in the closet by yourself! Yessss....you'll finally get some peace and quiet. 

17. Make Rice Krispies treat. Here's the recipe. 

18. Build a fort!

19. Practice your music songs and drama lines for the upcoming musical play. This is actually happening in my house as my son has a performance coming up. 

20. Get your braid on! Practice braiding hair with your daughter (if you don't know how to braid, learn fishtail first as it's the easiest!)

21. Play Chess or Checkers. 

22. Start a Pinterest board for that kitchen remodel you've been wanting to do.

23. Plan a vacation.....for the fall!

24. Work on your hand lettering skills. Check out Caroline Kelso's website, hand lettering for beginners for all the tutorials (she's my friend and has serious skills!). 

25. Write a poem that has 2 alliterations, 1 onomatopoeia, and 1 sensory image. It should be at least 4 stanzas and 20 lines. :-) 

26. Get your puzzle ON!!!!

27. Quiz each other with multiplication math facts. Can you do 100 multiplication problems in 5 minutes? Ready, Set, GO.

28. Make a friendship bracelet.

29. Write 5 letters to friends and MAIL them via snail mail (assuming USPS is still delivering mail).

30. Have a cricut? Please make me something. :-)

31. But seriously, if you have a cricut or are new to the cricut community, then check out these hacks! I don't have a cricut (yet).

32. Make your own pizza dough.

33. Practice your volleyball skills. All you need is a ball and a wall.

34. Clean out your junk drawer!

35. Watch one episode of "Tidying Up" with Marie Kondo and then start decluttering. Her website has "Marie's Top 4 Tips for Tidying With Kids" that will give you some serious inspo. 

36. Challenge your kids to find 15 toys/books/items they no longer use and put them in a bag to donate to a family in need. 

37. Call at least one person that you care about, but that you never have time to talk to because life gets super duper busy. It's always fun to catch up on life and reminisce with an old friend! Do this every single day that you are stuck at home.

38. Make a home video - interview each person in your family and ask them 5 questions. Some sample questions are:
a. What is the one restaurant you are missing right now?
b. If you could have dinner with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be? And, what questions would you ask this person?
c. If you could be any animal, what animal would you want to be? Why?
d. Would you rather be: Rich  //  Famous  //  Athlete
e. Tell me one story about your childhood that makes you smile. 

39. Take a long, warm bath. Enjoy! It's even better with our bath soaks!

40. Get crafty! Gather all your art tools and have some fun. Check out this Today show article for craft project ideas.

41. Play Wii bowling as a family. Pick up some bowling tips and tricks HERE.

42. Go toilet paper your neighbor's house. Ha, you wish! No one can spare that much toilet paper because it's SOLD OUT. 

43. Clean the toilets (I always give this "activity" one to my kids). 

Yeah, activity #43 isn't fun, but it probably needs to be done. We turn chores into a game at my house - we turn on music and see how fast we can finish the chores. Try it and see how quickly you and your family can clean the house!

I hope this list gave you some fun activities to do while you wait out the coronavirus. Like I've told my family, it's all about our attitude. We can either choose to complain and live in misery for the next several weeks, OR we can create a schedule, make a coronavirus activity list and HAVE SOME FUN. 

Comment below with any fun activities you're doing as we'll need fresh ideas! Best of luck to you all as I know we can all get a little stir crazy when we are homebound. 







  • Alyssa

    I love the fishtail braid idea! I never really learned how to braid but I’ve always wanted to know how to do my own hair :)

  • Cinda

    I’m excited about trying the hand lettering! Def having kids do #43! lol Thanks for all the ideas!

  • Kyle

    Thanks for the ideas Kelly and team! My ideas were apparently already getting boring. :)

  • Jessica

    We also did a spa day at home with nail polish facials I even had the shower on for the steam effect and added eucalyptus for those with girls

  • Jessica

    Thank you for sharing this will definitely come in handy

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