Why Use PREP's Sunscreen?

Sunscreen should comprise the final step in every woman and girl’s morning skincare routine, regardless of your age, skin type, skin color, or degree of sensitivity to the sun. But the problem is that there are so many sunscreen options available today that it can be really hard to know which one is right for you. Many sunscreens rely on a combination of several different chemicals to provide broad-spectrum protection, and some of these chemicals may cause stinging or irritation to sensitive skin and eyes.  Others are designed for use on sensitive skin but often feel sticky or pasty. We designed the P.R.E.P. SPF 30 Face+Body Lotion to offer all of the necessary sun protection that a teen girl needs. Read below to find out five reasons why you should add our sunscreen to your morning routine!
  1. ZINC OXIDE: is one of the best broad-spectrum protective ingredients available. Zinc oxide works in part by sitting atop the skin and creating a physical barrier between your skin and UV rays. And the best part is  zinc oxide doesn’t need any time to become activated; it’s effective as soon as you put it on your skin (Skin Cancer Foundation, InStyle)! As an added bonus, topically-applied zinc oxide has been found to both cleanse and promote re-epithelization in wounded skin, meaning that zinc oxide can heal the skin as well as shield it from the sun (Acta Dermato-Venereological Supplementum (Stockhom).
  2. TOCOPHEROL: scavenges free radicals. Tocopherol, also known as vitamin E, is among the most potent antioxidants currently used in skincare products and specifically used in our P.R.E.P. face+body lotion sunscreen. (NEED TO LINK TO OUR SUNSCREEN HERE) . It is believed that topically-applied vitamin E can protect against UV-induced skin cancers by acting as an antioxidant and absorbing some UV rays (Drug Metabolism Reviews). After being applied, vitamin E will collect within the stratum corneum’s extracellular matrix, where it protects against UV rays and exhibits antioxidant activity (Linus Pauling Institute).
  3. JOJOBA OIL: acne-fighting and moisturizing. Although a small degree of sun exposure can work to partially improve the appearance of acne lesions, it’s quite easy to over-expose yourself to the sun and end up with a nasty sunburn, or even skin cancer a few years later (Bellevue Acne Clinic).   We include the acne-fighting jojoba oil in our SPF 30 Face+Body Lotion as jojoba has been shown to demonstrate anti-inflammatory properties, which may be of benefit when treating acne-prone skin (Pharmacological Research, Livestrong). Although more research is needed, it has been suggested that jojoba oil is similar in composition to human sebum and as such can trick the body into regulating sebum production (Acne.org), which may in turn help those whose acne is exacerbated by too much sebum clogging the pores.
  4. NIACINAMIDE: can help fight signs of aged skin. Prolonged sun exposure can lead to premature skin aging over the years, with effects including wrinkles and fine lines, discoloration, and saggy skin. Fortunately, we formulated niacinamide in our P.R.E.P. SPF 30 Face+Body Lotion to fight these very effects. For example, when applied twice daily for 12 weeks, niacinamide was found to improve skin elasticity and texture, fight fine lines and wrinkles, and even lighten hyperpigmented and blotchy patches (Dermatologic Surgery, Journal of Dermatology). Unlike some other anti-aging ingredients, niacinamide is well-tolerated amongst users, suggesting that those of virtually any age and skin type should be able to use niacinamide without worry (International Journal of Cosmetic Science). So if your skin bares the marks of previous sun-damage, don’t worry, the ingredients in our sunscreen can work to both treat older signs of sun damage and prevent further damage from occurring.
  5. Our formulation blends smoothly with your other skincare products. A major problem teen girls have with their sunscreen is that it leaves a white cast on their skin or is never fully absorbed into the skin, whereas some others find that sunscreen leaves their skin feeling oily. This is often due to ingredients like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide sitting on the surface of the skin, where they can deflect the sun’s rays. However, the zinc oxide particles in our sunscreen have been minimized to such a degree that their opacity has been reduced, meaning that the P.R.E.P. SPF 30 Face+Body Lotion offers a high degree of broad-spectrum protection without leaving behind any unsightly white residue. The zinc oxide in our sunscreen also isn’t tacky or greasy, so it’s highly unlikely that it will make your face feel oily or that it will cause your other skincare products to ball-up on the skin.
Bottom Line If you haven’t done so already, we suggest adding the P.R.E.P. SPF 30 Face+Body Lotion to your skincare routine – trust us, your skin will thank you. Not only does our formulation contain zinc oxide, which can protect you from UVA and UVB rays, but our sunscreen also contains the free radical-scavenging tocopherol. While niacinamide can help treat signs of premature aging due to previous sun damage, the jojoba oil in our sunscreen can hydrate the skin and potentially help to alleviate acne. Best of all, the P.R.E.P. SPF 30 Face+Body Lotion will not leave behind a white residue or make the skin feel oily – it’s the perfect sunscreen for teen and preteen girls everywhere!   Stay healthy,