The Best Version of Yourself

Guest Blog Post by LittleMissMatched

How to Become the Best Version of Yourself

Hey, PREP girls! My name is Ana and I work for the girls’ fashion and lifestyle brand, LittleMissMatched. What I love so much about being a part of the team here is that we put as much creativity as possible into our clothes to inspire you to embrace your own personal style. We want you to celebrate YOU! Fashion should be fun and we encourage you to MissMatch to your heart’s desire. But while you should never be afraid to boldly be your unique yourself, there are some things to remember. When you step out into the world, always try to be the best version of yourself. What exactly does this mean? Well, just as you should be proud to be who you are, you have the responsibility to treat others with respect. Keep in mind that while you’re out there being you, others are free to do the same, and that may very well differ from you. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, our differences are what make things more interesting! And so, don’t forget to be accepting of others. It’s the right thing to do and how you would want to be treated, right? Another way to be the best version of you is to get into the habit of practicing kindness. Luckily these opportunities are everywhere! Yep… every single day you have the chance—multiple chances, even—to be kind to others. Not sure how? Hold the door for someone. Be a good listener. Express gratitude. Say please. Share whenever you get the chance. Help out a friend in need. Be an encourager instead of a critic. There are countless ways you can go about your day being kind. And the more you do it, the better you’ll feel about yourself. See? That’s the funny thing about kindness. When we are kind to others, even if we don’t do it to get anything out of it for ourselves, we still do. So don’t wait! Spread that good stuff all around. Let’s start living our lives in a way where we try to put as much good into the world as we can. It’s as simple as smiling at the new kid in school and making a new friend. Here’s a secret: You can never have too many friends! Seriously. Ask that girl you don’t know in class to sit with you at lunch. Learn about her and share your stories. You never know—you just might make a lifelong friend! But you’ll never find out if you don’t try. Hopefully you’re already doing some of these things in your daily lives. If you are, that’s great! And if not, it’s never too late to start. Kindness, compassion, and respect—these are the keys to creating a world where we all accept each other just as we are. And honestly, doesn’t that sound pretty darn awesome? It’s totally possible and it starts with you! Thank you to our friends at PREP Cosmetics for allowing us to share our message with you. Keep on being you, PREP girls—but with a big dose of kindness and acceptance to boot! xoxo, Ana on behalf of the LittleMissMatched team