PREP Beauty Girl {beauty ambassador program}

We are searching for girls ages 12-17 to become our next PREP BEAUTY GIRL

and be part of our ambassador program!



We are looking for social (media) butterflies who love beauty products! If you are passionate, fun, and organized, then we want you to be our next PREP BEAUTY GIRL. We want hard working girls who are outgoing, who love to work as part of a team and who want to make a difference in the world. If this sounds like YOU, then we want you to collaborate and help us grow our brand that is just for girls. Oh, and did we mention you'll earn amazing rewards + incentives from our beauty bar and beyond?  


PREP BEAUTY GIRLS will help spread the word about PREP products and healthy skincare habits in a fun and creative way. Girls will earn rewards and incentives along the way and will have the opportunity to be a model for PREP! We will also host a PREP BEAUTY GIRL weekend in Dallas, Texas where you will collaborate with the PREP team and other PREP BEAUTY GIRLS as well as be a model in one of our amazing photo shoots (you can earn enough points to travel to Dallas for FREE!). If you are outgoing, fun, hardworking and love people, then this is the program for YOU!  


LEARN. In our unique program, PREP Beauty Girls will take a six month adventure with us and our amazing skincare line. The goal is simple: TALK ABOUT PREP. At the start of the adventure you will get your very own PREP daily planner and each month you will receive a new PREP BEAUTY BOX. These beauty boxes contain FREE, full-size PREP products for YOU + new pieces to add to your PREP planner which will include your monthly challenge and goals! You will learn how to take care of your skin, know the benefits of each product and which ones are right for you, as well as help others get beautiful skin. You'll have the chance to share your PREP adventures with all of your friends, family and followers...and all of them will help you earn fun rewards, incentives and wonderful opportunities. PROMOTE. Each month we will send you a PREP BEAUTY BOX loaded with fun goodies! We will also give you skincare tips and sun facts along the way that you can pass onto others. We will create unique rep cards for you to hand out to all of those that you know and for those that you meet when you are out and about. BE PROUD! You are educating your friends, family, schoolmates, teammates and followers on healthy skincare habits and about PREP! Taking care of your skin will not only give you a lifetime of beautiful skin but it may also save your life {skin cancer is almost entirely preventable}!
EARN. Our rewards + incentives are AWESOME. The more you talk about PREP, the more you earn. We make it easy. Here's a sneak peek on what you can earn: *An exclusive opportunity to be a model for PREP in 2016. *FREE, full-size PREP products. *Custom planner to keep you organized, to teach you how to prioritize and to help you achieve your PREP goals! *PREP party kits for you and your besties. *Travel vouchers for an all PREP BEAUTY GIRL WEEKEND to collaborate with the PREP team and other PREP BEAUTY GIRLS. *The chance to be the face of PREP. *Hometown visit from PREP's Founder + Chief Empowerment Officer, Kelly! BE PART OF THE TEAM. We're on your side and with you every step of the way! We provide everything you need for this fun journey. Each month you will receive a beauty box with PREP products, skincare tips and sun facts, as well as ideas on how to easily promote and talk about PREP! This is a wonderful program for girls to be part of an exclusive team, meet new friends, learn how to organize and prioritize your day, and learn how to run a business. PREP is growing by leaps and bounds and we want YOU to be part of our team.  
If you meet the criteria above, live in the United States and are chosen to be part of the team, here is what you can expect from the PREP Beauty Girl ambassador program. 1. We will give you all the tools and will guide you along the way; you need to commit to the entire term of the program which will start April 1, 2021 and end August 31, 2016. On average, the program will take you 1-3 hours of your time each week (you set your own schedule...the more you promote, the more you get). You will earn rewards + incentives as you promote the product. You can promote by telling your friends, family, and teammates about PREP, posting on social media, hosting a party and through a variety of other fun ways. It is stress free, easy AND fun! 2. We will ask you to read and electronically sign our PREP Girl Code of Conduct. 3. Your parent or legal guardian will need to sign the PREP Release Form so we can use your name, picture, story, etc. 4. Upload a few pictures of yourself in the form below. Nothing fancy and by no means does it need to be a professional picture. If for some reason you have an issue uploading your pictures, you can email them to us at or you can send them to us via direct message (DM) on Instagram...our handle is @prepyourskin 5. This form will close on February 22nd, 2016. We will notify the PREP Beauty Girls no later than February 28th, 2016. We will then host a phone call to chat about the program and the commitment (super easy and a non-stressful phone conversation, we promise!!). We want to make sure you are passionate and just as excited about the program as the PREP team! While there is no cost to be part of the PREP Beauty Girl program (except for the optional retreat in Dallas which you'll have the opportunity to earn a free trip!), once you are accepted we will ask for a $25 deposit which we will refund back to you at the end of the program. The small deposit is to prove you really want to be part of the program and that you are not solely doing this for free product. :-)     We have the right to terminate you from the program at any time and for any reason (but we don't think this will ever happen if you follow the PREP Girl Code of Conduct).   XO, ~the PREP team