Side Braid

Alright, Beauties! Time to dive right into one of my favorite hairstyles! I love wearing my hair down, but sometimes it can get a little boring. Throwing a little braid into the style makes such big difference. This particular way is a little on the edgy side. But hey, sometimes we just need a little edge to get us through the day! Follow the steps below to get this style. And remember to use the “Foundation of Style” before adding your braid!
  1. Start backcombing at the root on the sides
  2. Backcomb the Crown of your head.
  3. Spray a good layer of hairspray to secure and smooth.
  4. Start the French braid at the front/side of your head and continue back.
  5. Secure your braid with the first bobby pin angled upwards.
  6. Secure your braid with the second bobby pin angled downward and crossing them in an “X” position.
  7. Backcomb at roots of crown for more volume
  8. Smooth and spread out the backcombed hair
  9. Spray to secure hair in place
  10. Check yourself out
  11. You’re done!