Look Good While You Sweat in Gym Class

Ah, the dreaded midday gym class. It’s everybody’s least favorite time for gym class, because sweating is an inevitable part. Before you throw in the towel on looking and feeling great for the rest of the day, take a look at these four skin care tips. 

1. Stay Hydrated

This tip applies to both inside and out. While drinking plenty of water is good for your overall health and your skin, you also want to make sure you’re using a light moisturizer to make sure that moisture stays locked in, even when you sweat (WebMD). If gym class is outdoors be sure to use an SPF moisturizer like our PREP SPF 30 Face + Body Lotion which doubles as a moisturizer + sunscreen. What we love about this formula is that it utilizes the natural UV-blocking power of zinc oxide rather than harsh chemicals that can lead to skin irritation.

2. Pull Your Hair Back

If you’re noticing breakouts on your forehead or near your hairline, it could be because you’re not pulling your hair back when you hit the gym. Not only can hair trap sweat on your skin, which can lead to breakouts, but any hair products you use can also contribute to clogged pores. Keep in mind, though, that if you’re using a headband to keep your hair out of your face, it’s a good idea to make sure it’s off your forehead and resting behind your hairline. And don’t forget to wash your headbands, visors and hats because dirt and germs get trapped and can lead to breakouts.

3. Wash Your Face

We know that showering after gym class can be a hassle, and some girls might not even have enough time between classes to fit one in. If you have time to wash your face, use a gentle cleanser. If you don’t have time, use body and face wipes to wipe yourself down. That way, you can quickly and easily wash your face after gym class or wipe down, which can help to get rid of any sweat, oil, dirt, or makeup that’s trapped in your pores. Store in your backpack or gym locker for easy access. PREP NOTES: If you don’t have time to wash your face after gym class, use a body wipe to clean up on the go.

4. Don’t Pile on the Makeup

Speaking of makeup, it can really do some damage to your skin if you’re piling it on, especially before gym class. When you wear makeup at the gym, it can trap sweat and dirt inside your pores, which can be the perfect recipe for an acne flareup. Whenever possible, it’s really best to wash your face before you sweat, and then reapply your makeup afterwards. If this isn’t possible, just try to keep your makeup light and minimal on gym days. You may even want to swap out any heavy foundations for a light, tinted moisturizer. And it’s good to give your skin a break from makeup every now and again, anyway (Acne.org).

The Beauty Scoop

Anyone can have healthy-looking skin even after they’ve run a mile or played their hearts out during dodgeball. Freshening up after gym class in the middle of the day is easy. Use a gentle face cleanser or wipes to clean up on the go. And as an added bonus, these skincare tips are great to keep in mind for everyday healthy skin, whether you’re at the gym, hitting the pool, or just hanging at home.