Your skincare questions - answered!

The #1 Teen Celeb Magazine, J-14, reached out to us to answer some very good back to school skincare questions. See Dr. Carole's answers below in the September issue!

Now that it's Fall, do I still need sunblock?

Yes!  The weather may not be as hot but the sun’s rays are still strong enough to cause sunburns and UV damage.   I've noticed my skin getting dryer all of the sudden. Is there anything I need to do to prep my skin for the cooler weather? Cooler weather  usually comes with drier air that can zap the moisture out of your skin.  Here are a couple of tips that can help your skin from getting too dried out:
  1. Turn down the temp on your showers.  Hot water may feel good on a chilly morning but it can really dry out your skin.
  2. Avoid scrubbing and rubbing your skin and using harsh cleansers.  Instead try P.R.E.P. purifying daily cleanser to gently lift away excess dirt and oil.
  3. Moisturize immediately after showering.  This will help to seal in some of the water that soaked into your skin during the shower.
  4. The air that comes out of a furnace is especially dry so you might want to try turning down the heat a few degrees and sleeping with an extra blanket at night.
  My elbows and knees feel tough, is there a way to smooth my skin? The lotion that kept your skin looking great all summer may not be enough for dry areas like elbows, knees, hands and feet during the cooler weather.  Switching to a thicker moisturizing cream, especially one that is designed for feet can often solve the problem.  You’ll generally want to avoid using any devices to scrub or rub off the thickened skin on elbows or knees as this can often make the problem worse.   Are cleansing towelettes an OK alternative to washing my face after gym class? Absolutely.  They are a great way to freshen up your skin when you are on the go or too busy for more thorough cleansing with soap and water.  Just be sure to read the directions and make sure they are ok for use without rinsing.  Also, stop using them if they leave your skin feeling dry, irritated or itchy.   I love my bronzed summer skin, are there any ways to keep the color throughout the fall? Using a light bronzing powder on your cheeks, jawline and nose can help you maintain a summer glow throughout the cooler months ahead.  Using a sunless tanner on your arms and legs can also be an easy way to keep a little of the summer look to your skin all year (and is definitely a much better option than using a tanning bed!)   I have school picture day tomorrow and I can feel a pimple coming on, what do I do?! If you have an over-the-counter or prescription acne treatment use it as recommended.  Don’t scratch or pick at the area or pile on extra acne gel as that can create more redness and irritation in the morning.  You may also try using a cool compress to help relieve redness and swelling.  If things are worse in the morning, a small amount of concealer can help disguise the redness.  (And when all else fails, just remember that’s why they invented picture retouching.)   I want to start taking care of my skin better, what should I be doing each night? A basic skin care routine is all most girls need to start taking better care of their skin.  You should wash with a gentle cleanser like our P.R.E.P. purifying daily cleanser every night to gently lift away makeup, dirt, and oil.  If your skin tends to be dry, follow up with application of a light facial moisturizing lotion.  Your morning routine will be the same but should also include daily use of a sunscreen with SPF 30 like our P.R.E.P. SPF 30 face+body lotion to protect your skin and prevent sun damage before it starts.   My allergies make my eyes puffy in the morning, is there a way to de-puff before homeroom? Washing your face with cold water and applying a cool compress for a few minutes can give you quick relief of puffy eyes, but to make sure you don’t have a repeat performance every day this week, you may try sleeping with your head propped up on a couple of pillows.  And during peak allergy season, daily use of an antihistamine and/or using eye drops for itchy, “allergy eyes” can often be very helpful. Stay healthy,