4 Reasons Good Moms Teach Their Daughters About Skin Care

Being a mom is THE hardest job. Period. Moms are obligated to teach their kids about the routines of life: brushing teeth, combing hair, taking baths, eating fruits and veggies and of course, drinking water. We get so busy trying to teach everything (while just trying to make it through the day!) that most moms haven’t thought about one other really important healthy habit: skin care. Teaching girls healthy skin care habits, primarily the importance of daily sun protection, early in life can be fun and may even save their life. We often focus on promoting great nutrition and exercise habits, and completely miss helping our kids establish a healthy skin care routine by incorporating daily sunscreen. We want to help! Below are 4 reasons good moms teach their daughters about skin care.

1. Healthy Skin Today = Healthy Skin Tomorrow

As with any habit, developing a healthy skin care routine now will help girls carry those same great habits with them into adulthood. While their focus right now may be on dealing with issues like sunburn prevention and acne treatment, as girls get older, the same basic skin care habits will help them prevent skin cancer, acne scars, wrinkles, and other skin problems later in life (WebMD).

2. Promotes Great Hygiene Habits

Helping your kids establish a simple, yet effective skin care routine before bed and when they wake up in the morning can not only ensure that their skin will be clean and healthy, but it will also instill important daily hygiene habits. Along with brushing their teeth every morning and night, girls should learn to wash their faces with a gentle, natural cleanser to make sure all the dirt, oil, makeup, and other pollutants are swept away from their skin before they start the day or hit the hay. This can also be a great opportunity to help your daughter choose the best skin care products for clean and healthy skin. Our PREP Purifying Daily Cleanser is free of sulfates, parabens, and other additives that can cause skin irritation and breakouts, making it a gentle alternative to products that contain harsh chemicals.

3. Teaches Girls the Importance of Sun Protection

By showing girls that their skin is an important part of their body that should be well cared for, you’re also showing them that it’s important to pay attention to what their skin is telling them. Skin conditions like dryness or overly oily skin can part of growing up, but they can also signal other underlying problems such as sun damage or even the presence of a harsh chemical in some of their products (Today). It’s also never too early to talk about sun protection with your kids, and part of preventing skin cancer is paying special attention to your skin. Preventative measures like being on the lookout for irregular moles and using a daily sunscreen with natural ingredients like our PREP SPF 30 Face + Body Lotion are just some of the ways that you can teach your daughters invaluable skin care habits. Learn all about the UV rays in this article: Warning: Why Walking Out the Front Door May Kill You Insert UV diagram

4. Not All Skin Care Products Are Made Equal

You can also promote your daughter’s overall health awareness by teaching her the importance of choosing natural, healthy ingredients in skin care products. Just as you might teach your child to choose healthy snacks over junk foods, you’ll also want to teach her to choose natural, healthy skin care products over their junky counterparts (Environmental Health Perspectives). Even when it comes to lip gloss, girls can choose a natural alternative to traditional products that are packed full of parabens, dyes, and harsh preservatives. Our PREP SPF 15 Lip Gloss has the natural healing and moisturizing power of beeswax, coconut oil, and shea butter, teamed with natural UV-blocking zinc oxide, to keep lips smooth, clean, and healthy. Remember, the ingredients that are in your lip gloss will get into your body since they are on our mouths!

The Beauty Scoop

While skin care isn’t a healthy habit we think about teach our kids, you now have the information at your fingertips. Helping your daughter establish a skin care routine early on can be one of the most impactful lessons you can give. It truly takes a village to raise daughters so let’s all ban together and help each other! Share this article with your mommy friends so we can keep all our girls safe, healthy and beautiful.