Foundation to Hairstyles

Hello PREP beauties! One thing I love about being a girl is there is an unlimited number of styles we can do to our hair. One thing some girls get frustrated with is how to do those styles. I cannot wait to show you “how to” style your hair from braids to pony tails, we are going to have a blast! The foundation to most styles is very simple, and it will help secure your style and give lots of volume and texture. This will help avoid the issue of styles not lasting all day!
  1. Start with clean and dry hair. You can straighten your hair or add some loose curls.
  2. Grab a section on one side of your hair/part and back comb at the root. Make sure to spray hair spray before you back comb each section.
  3. Grab a section on the opposite side of your part and back come at the root the same way you did in step #2.
  4. Grab a section at the back/crown of your head and back comb at the root.
  5. Smooth out any knotty parts and smooth out the top layer.
  6. Spray and use your hands to lift the hair a little more to ensure its even.
  7. Spray the top layer with hairspray.
This could serve as a complete style with your hair down, nice even volume and a good amount of product in your hair to secure your style. BUT make sure to follow along the next few weeks to see how I use this foundation of style in to many more adorable ways to wear your hair (Mommas, this is great for you too!)!