PREP Girl - Code of Conduct

At PREP Cosmetics, we want girls to represent our brand who are and can be role models for other girls. Whether we are choosing you for one of our photo shoots, events or ambassador program, all PREP Girls are asked to follow the PREP Cosmetics Code of Conduct. This information will also be sent to your parents so they understand and are committed to our code of conduct too. A PREP Girl...what does it mean? It means you're part of our team! We want you to be the best version of yourself. We want you to grow and be better than you think you can be; to push further than you thought possible; and to dream bigger than you've ever dreamed. Being part of the PREP team is special. We are committed to helping you believe in yourself and to teach you some great life lessons in a positive and fun environment. ACADEMICALLY: We ask that you always do your best. If you usually get B's in school then fight to get A's...and if you usually get C's then fight to get B's. PERSONALLY: At PREP, we have a rule that you should never talk negatively about yourself. Everyone who works for and with PREP takes the pledge and works hard to follow this rule. We put this in place because at times it’s easy to put yourself down...and all this does is breed negativity and make yourself feel bad. Everyone has bad days but we encourage you to STOP talking (and even thinking!) negatively about yourself TODAY. Try’ll be surprised how great it feels to only put positive thoughts in your mind and to say nice things about yourself. It may take some practice but before you know it only good thoughts are in your brain. MOMS, you have to commit to doing this too! :-) SOCIAL MEDIA: Be a good person. Be a role model. Make us proud. If the picture or words you post may embarrass your mom, grandmother or PREP by being associated with you, then don't post it. We don't want to have to reach out to you and have that awkward conversation with you and your parents. If you ever question whether you should or shouldn't post something, then the answer is you shouldn't post it! FRIENDSHIP: Always strive to the best of your ability to be positive, loving and kind each and every day. Don't participate in gossiping or bullying. You are a leader and people look to you to set the tone. Some days may prove to be a challenge but remember to hold yourself to a higher standard. The friends you surround yourself with are who you pick good and positive people as your friends! PROMOTIONS: FOR PREP BEAUTY GIRLS (ambassador program only) As a PREP Beauty Girl, you are allowed to talk about and present the PREP Cosmetics story and products in any place they deem fit with a few exceptions. a. Tables cannot be setup at a mall, boutique, or in a neighborhood (like a lemonade stand) unless approved by a PREP team member before the event. b. If you are terminated from the program, all PREP materials must be sent back to PREP and you will no longer be able to represent yourself as or on behalf of PREP Cosmetics. But as long as you abide by the code of conduct, then there should be no issues!  :-) And there's just one more commitment you have to make: you vow to wear your SUNSCREEN everyday, rain or shine!  :-) You'll thank us later. Thank you to all of our PREP Girls for believing in us, for believing in yourself, for abiding by this code and for supporting our principles. XO,