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Product Development Team

Are you interested in being part of our Product Development Team? We are looking for girls ages 13-24 with mild acne. You will be an important part of PREP as you will have the opportunity to test out our new P.R.E.P. everyday clear acne treatment before it hits the market. Developed by our co-founder Carole Aponte, MD and our team of chemists, we are so excited to introduce the acne treatment to PREP Girls this fall! Our exclusive formula combines essential oils with a proven acne treatment, making it tough on acne yet gentle on skin. You’re going to love it!

NOTE: For those interested in being part of our product development team but who do not have acne, please do not complete the form below at this time. We will have more products coming this fall and will open the product development team again, so please do not complete the form if you do not have acne.

If you meet the criteria above, live in the United States and are chosen to be part of the team, here is what you can expect from the Product Development (PD) Team.

1. You will part of the PD team for 45 days so you must be able to commit to the entire 45 days. Day 1 will be a before picture with no makeup. You will receive instructions on how and when to start the acne treatment. You will take pictures over the next 30 days (once per week).

2. We will ask you to “grade” us and to tell us what you think about the texture, the smell, the feel, how effective the product is, etc. We want real feedback from real girls because that’s what we are all about!

3. Your parent or legal guardian must be willing to sign a release form in order for PREP to use your name, picture, story, etc.

4. You must upload a picture of yourself in the form below. Nothing fancy, just a picture of your face so we can get an understanding of your skin.

5. This form will close on August 17th, 2015.

There is no cost to be part of the Product Development team. We will notify the chosen girls no later than August 21, 2015.

Product Development Team

Be part of the Product Development Team!
    I am at least 13 years old
    I have read the release form
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